Our Most Extraordinary Turquoise Jewels

Have you ever wanted to own an unusual piece of jewelry? This would be the kind of vintage piece that draws the eye, earns you plenty of stares and makes for a surefire conversation starter. We have found that the most extraordinary gemstones for this endeavor are the turquoise and jade. We discussed our unusual […]

For Serious Turquoise Lovers Only

After cataloging our turquoise jewelry inventory, we noticed that we have some rather rare and unusual pieces. To ensure that those among our clientele who are diehard fans of this gemstone get a chance to see what we have, we put together a collection of the most astonishing turquoise jewels we offer. 3-D Gold Turtle […]

Vintage Turquoise Jewelry

Vintage Turquoise jewelry is  readily recognized by its distinct blue-green coloring. In the past, authentic turquoise jewelry pieces were much sought after because of the gem’s rarity. But this type of jewelry fell somewhat out of favor over the last three decades; when synthetics and simulations flooded the market. However, a true jewelry connoisseur therefore, […]