Taking Our Fascination with Vintage Aquamarines to the Next Level

Previously, Peter Suchy Jewelers investigated whywe’re so fascinated with aquamarines. This little trip through history netted us the knowledge that the beryl with its greenish blue tint was once associated with mermaids, antidotes to Middle Ages’ panoply of poisons and a surefire way for fortunetellers to gaze into the hidden realm. Yet did you know […]

Why We’re So Fascinated With Aquamarines!

In simplest terms, an aquamarine is really a beryl. These minerals are made up of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate and have the potential of containing a number of impurities. While pure beryl does not have any coloration, iron impurities lead to a blue or greenish-blue tint. When this hue is present, the beryl is considered an […]