Dazzle in Sapphires this Month

Dazzle in Sapphires this month. Since this is the birthstone for September; there are many variations of this gemstone. For instance, this gemstone is typically known for its vibrant blue color. But, also this gemstone comes in several other colors such as black, green, pink, purple orange, yellow, and other shades. So, are you ready […]

Shop Independence Day Jewelry

Be prepared to show your patriotic spirit by shopping for the best selection of Independence Day Jewelry. People will be out celebrating the 4th of July, so why not join the celebration showing off your jewelry. Independence Day Jewelry – Pendants In the same fashion, prepare to look chic in the Estate Patriotic Square Red Ruby, […]

Memorial Day Holiday Jewelry

While we are all gearing up to celebrate the Memorial Day Holiday, let’s take a minute to remember all the Men and Women who died while serving in the military. In the first place, many individuals are celebrating the long holiday weekend vacationing. Many are visiting memorials, participating in parades and having family celebrations. Of […]

The Secret of Sapphires!

The sapphire is most famous for its blue coloration. While some gemstones have a paler hue than others do, the most noted gems have an almost velvety appearance of a deep, rich blue that not even a change of light sources can alter. That said, it is not unusual to find colorless stones, those with […]