Big Bold Vintage Jewelry

Big Bold Vintage Jewelry is one of the hottest fashion statements. When you think about big gemstones, unhinged bracelets, and retro styles; they have been more popular than ever. With this in mind, everything old is new again. In view of this, be sure to visit our Millennials Vintage Jewelry Appreciation post to read about […]

Victorian Jewelry on a Budget

If the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration has inspired you to purchase a gorgeous Victorian jewel for the mom in your life, Peter Suchy Jewelers has an inventory for any taste. Yet what do you do when you are also on a strict budget? No problem! We have put together a collection of our most beautiful […]

Own the Magic of Vintage Filigree Jewelry!

In the distant past, filigree work was the hallmark of a top level jewelry maker. The professional would take small pieces of metal wiring, solder them painstakingly together and then apply them to a base for strength. As techniques improved, the filigree work was done without the base. The resulting jewels had an ethereal beauty […]