Vintage Bracelet Stacking for Beginners

There used to be a time when jewelers sold special stacking bracelets among their product selections. The friendly folks at Peter Suchy Jewelers have never gotten into this marketing gimmick. After all, we know something that some consumers may not: every bracelet can be a stacked. This trend comes and goes, but plenty of jewelry […]

Our Favorite Hinged Vintage Bracelets

The hinged bracelet combines one of the most ancient forms of jewelry adornment with a modern twist on a great fit. Bracelets have been depicted in the oldest known works of art, which showed decorated warriors as well as wealthy women wearing these types of jewels as status symbols and for simple adornment. The hinge […]

Check Out These Vintage Bracelets We Adore!

Worn around the wrist, bracelets have been staples of jewelry collections since time immemorial. Ancient Egyptians and even older cultures are known to have used them for female as well as male adornment. Although materials vary greatly, these jewels have always been forms of dressing up a slender wrist. Styles you are probably familiar with […]