5 Best Emerald Rings

Our 5 best Emerald Rings are perfect for anyone who has a birthday this month. And, even if you don’t have a birthday; this gorgeous gemstone is ideal for anyone. When it comes to the Emerald gemstone; you can find colors ranging from medium to dark green. Also, you may find a little bit of […]

Gemstone Holiday Baubles

Of course, gemstone holiday baubles are meant to be festive. If you don’t know what to buy for the special people in your life; don’t worry. In short, the holiday season is meant to be fun, not stressful. At the same time, Peter Suchy Jewelers wants to put a smile on your face with beautiful […]

May Emerald Birthstone

Anyone with a May birthday will be able to celebrate the Green Emerald Birthstone. Not only is the Emerald perfect for those who have a birthday this month, but it is also a symbol of Spring. Of course, we cannot forget Greenery is also Pantone’s Color of the year for 2017. Emerald Birthstone Necklaces In […]

Do Gemstones Have Healing Powers?

Over the course of the centuries, gemstone lovers did not just appreciate the beautiful cuts, dazzling colors and gorgeous appearances of gemstones. There are a variety of tales and folklore accounts that ascribe healing powers to numerous gems. From ancient healers to modern shamans, energy therapists have long held the belief that every gemstone has […]