Extraordinary Topaz Jewelry

When you’re looking for extraordinary topaz jewelry; this gemstone is available in many different colors. Although, November’s primary birthstone is topaz; a citrine is also the birthstone for November. Be sure to visit our Beautiful Citrine Jewelry post for some other birthstone jewelry pieces. Extraordinary Topaz Jewelry Since this gemstone comes in a variety of […]

Citrine – the Other November Birthstone!

Citrine is a type of quartz that is noted for its yellow and brown hues. It is rather uncommon to find a natural citrine. In fact, the majority of citrines currently on the market are actually amethysts or smoky quartz varieties that have undergone a heat treatment to affect the coveted yellow coloration. During the […]

Do Gemstones Have Healing Powers?

Over the course of the centuries, gemstone lovers did not just appreciate the beautiful cuts, dazzling colors and gorgeous appearances of gemstones. There are a variety of tales and folklore accounts that ascribe healing powers to numerous gems. From ancient healers to modern shamans, energy therapists have long held the belief that every gemstone has […]