Big Bold Vintage Jewelry

Big Bold Vintage Jewelry is one of the hottest fashion statements. When you think about big gemstones, unhinged bracelets, and retro styles; they have been more popular than ever. With this in mind, everything old is new again. In view of this, be sure to visit our Millennials Vintage Jewelry Appreciation post to read about […]

Stocking Jewelry Stunners

Indeed, sometimes the smallest gifts make the best stocking jewelry stunners. Since most people think the main gift is under the tree; that isn’t always the case. At the same time, you can mix things up this season and put a special gift in his or her stocking.

Our Favorite Vintage Charms

Charm bracelets are personal and fun. While in bygone centuries the charms were designed to keep evil spirits at bay and were therefore considered important spiritual armor, more modern uses are designed to offer the collector tangible mementos of a special occasion in the wearer’s life. The addition of a baby to the family, the […]