Authentic Victorian Onyx Jewels

There is something special about Victorian onyx jewelry. This era – like none before or after it – incorporated black gemstones in a broad range of designs and styles. What further sets apart the way these gems were treated is the means by which they easily become the main display selections rather than secondary choices. […]

An Intimate Look at Victorian Symbolism

Look at this Victorian enamel flower pendant from the 1880s. It starts with 14k yellow gold. Artisans then painstakingly constructed delicate purple pink and off-white petals that feature enameling. A silvery white pearl measuring 2.2mm is at the center of the floral pendant. Another 30 half pearls surround the petals. This pendant displays with a […]

Victorian Jewelry on a Budget

If the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration has inspired you to purchase a gorgeous Victorian jewel for the mom in your life, Peter Suchy Jewelers has an inventory for any taste. Yet what do you do when you are also on a strict budget? No problem! We have put together a collection of our most beautiful […]

When Only Natural Emeralds Will Do

When you like your gemstones polished but not necessarily forced into a uniform shape, the natural look is right up your alley. Natural emeralds are excellent additions to your BoHo chic wardrobe, for that peasant blouse you have been waiting to accessorize with just the right necklace or for the low-cut evening gown that shows […]

Some of Our Favorite Victorian Pieces

Victorian era jewelry is generally from one of three recognized periods. Named for the 63-year reign of Queen Victoria, this era saw the passage of the Reform Act, the rise of Gilded Age and the onset of the Belle Epoque. As might be expected, jewelry styles fluctuated over the course of the six decades. Between […]