June is Pearl Month – Traditional and Modern Birthstone

June is pearl month! When you are looking for jewelry that is classic, yet modern; pearls are effortless. So, make sure you are adding this timeless accessory to your wardrobe.

June is Pearl Month

Because there are many different types of pearls; you can find many different styles at all prices. At the same time, pearls are sustainable. To read more about this timeless style; check out our Pearls are Effortless – Earth Friendly post.

In the same way, millennials and Generation X, Y, and Z are embracing this and wearing it to capture the mood of going “Green”.

Celebrate this month’s birthstone by wearing something unique. When you are looking for a style to create a different vibe; you may want to add an ear cuff or freshwater pearls that are a modern take on this traditional gemstone.

Cultured Pearl Earrings

From our Estate collection; this modern style is a fresh way to wear this style. Set in 14k yellow gold; this style features 2 rows of Pearls in a curved style.


June is Pearl Month - Traditional and Modern Birthstone

Pearl and Pave Diamond Necklace

When you are looking to make a statement; think outside the box. For example, multiple pearls take center stage in this modern take on a “Y” drop necklace. Set in 18k white gold; this style features 9 white freshwater Pearls entwined with Pave Diamonds.

Wear this style to add the finishing touch to a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, a sundress or with a party outfit.


June is Pearl Month - Traditional and Modern Birthstone

Multicolor Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Since sustainable jewelry styles are becoming a big part in the world of fashion; this Freshwater Pearl Necklace is ideal. 131 Freshwater gray, and greenish yellow pearls make up this 34 inch necklace.

In the same fashion, wear this style for lunch or a party.


Multicolor Freshwater Necklace

Finally, for some other styles to shop for; check out Pearls are Known as the Queen Jewels for June Birthstones post.

In essence, whether you choose a simple style or something more elaborate; there are lots of choices to shop for styles for June is Pearl Month.