June Birthstone Jewelry – Alexandrite, Moonstone & Pearls

So, if you or someone special has a birthday this month; there are a lot of choices for June Birthstone Jewelry. Ultimately, you can choose from – Alexandrite, Moonstone, or Pearls.

June Birthstone Jewelry

Though there are three different birthstones; each one has different characteristics. For example, each gemstone comes in a variety of colors.


When it comes to the Alexandrite gemstone; this usually is a bluish-green colored stone. In the same way, the color tends to change under different lighting. For instance, under daylight or fluorescent lighting; the color tends to turn to a reddish-purple.

At the same time, the Alexandrite gemstone is said to help balance a person’s emotional state and increase confidence.

Peter Suchy Alexandrite and Diamond Engagement Ring

From Peter Suchy Workshop, this unique three-stone Estate Engagement Ring features a color change oval Alexandrite gemstone highlighted by 2 round brilliant cut Diamonds.

Due to this gemstone being rare; it is the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Check out our Alexandrite Jewelry Gift Ideas – June Birthstone Rings post for some other gorgeous ring styles.


June Birthstone Jewelry - Alexandrite, Moonstone & Pearls


When you are looking for an over the moon piece of jewelry; a Moonstone is a popular choice. From ancient times; this gemstone is considered to have magical and healing properties.

Because Moonstones vary in color; they are one of the most highly coveted birthstones of choice.

Peter Suchy Moonstone Dangle Drop Earrings

From Peter Suchy Workshop; these stunning handmade dangle drop Earrings feature 2 oval Moonstones with 2 round Sapphire with 2 clear natural Quartz tiers in 14k white gold.

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June Birthstone Jewelry - Alexandrite, Moonstone & Pearls


Finally, when it comes to Pearls; they represent timeless yet modern styles. In the same fashion, Pearls are considered to be the most powerful of the 3 June birthstones.

Also, it is believed that Pearls can enlighten minds and stimulate moods.

Since pearls are more popular than ever; why not treat yourself or some special to pearls?

Vintage Pearl Necklace

From our Vintage collection; this classic Vintage Pearl Necklace features 56 Japanese Akoya Pearls in silvery white with a slightly cream undertone in 20-inches in 14k yellow gold.

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June Birthstone Jewelry - Alexandrite, Moonstone & Pearls

In conclusion, you can never go wrong with any June Birthstone Jewelry you choose as a gift for someone or a style for yourself.