Everyday Pins Right Now

Are you looking for everyday pins to wear right now? Whether you want something to pin on your jacket, shirt or accessorize with; pins should be part of your jewelry wardrobe to wear all the time.

Everyday Pins

When you think about wearing pins; many associate brooches with their grandparents and the older generation. However, that is wrong. Not only are brooches one of the most versatile accessories; but they also can add something extra to any outfit you wear. Be sure to visit our Brooch Jewelry Resurgence post to read more on how fashionable this accessory is.

In the same fashion, a pin can take an everyday outfit and transform it into something unique. Ultimately, a brooch can be worn on anything from a jacket, lapel, accessories or a hat.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or something elegant; there are many styles to shop for.

Moreover, millenials are discovering their love of brooches. And, this is having a positive reflection of the resurgence of this type of jewelry. Be sure to check out our Millenials Vintage Jewelry Appreciation post where you will find styles that reflect the popularity of Antique and Vintage jewelry.

From the 1840’s, this Victorian Pin is ideal to wear as a brooch or on a chain. Circa 1840 – 1850, this style features one old mine cut cushion shape Diamond and 37 rose cut Diamonds with a natural Patina silver top over 18k Yellow Gold.

Indeed, this style is perfect to put on the lapel of a jacket, coat, sweater or T-shirt.


Everyday Pins Right Now

Of course, this trend is continuing to grow in popularity and is one of the most on-trend accessories.

Whether you want to wear a brooch on its own or wear on a pendant; there are a lot of ways to make this style stand out. For instance, animal lovers can show off their love of a turtle, dog or frog.

With this in mind, the Frog Pin Pendant Necklace is perfect to wear with any outfit. Set in 18k White Gold, this Pin Pendant features 54 round Diamonds and 2 Sapphires.


Everyday Pins Right Now

In summary, anyone can wear brooches. Even Men have been adding pins to their jackets and duffel bags. With the versatility of a pin; this is something for everyone to have on-hand.

As always, I welcome your comments on your favorite everyday pins.

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