Important Jewelry Information

Since this month is Real Jewelry month, there is important jewelry information for you to be aware of. When you purchase jewelry; make sure it is insured.

Important Jewelry Information

Because most people either own something special or valuable; it is important to have your pieces appraised and insured. Whether you inherited something special from a relative or have many valuables you have obtained over your lifetime; you want to make sure nothing happens to anything sentimental to you.

When you purchase jewelry insurance; make sure you keep photo’s and information about each piece of jewelry you insure. Also, it is important to update your insurance yearly as value increase on many jewelry. In my opinion, this is good to do at least every other year.

Although jewelry insurance will replace anything lost or stolen; it is best to store expensive pieces in a safe location, i.e., safe deposit box.

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With the holiday season around the corner, there are a lot of colorful jewelry styles available. Whether you’re shopping for a piece of jewelry for yourself or a gift for that special someone; there is a lot of appeal for real jewelry.

If you’re looking to buy her diamond earrings; the Diamond Stud Earrings are from Peter Suchy. These Earrings feature two brilliant cut Diamonds set in a 14k White Gold Basket setting.

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Important Jewelry Information

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Also, birthstone jewelry is always a great choice to shop for throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a small jewelry gift or something significant; you cannot go wrong with gemstone jewelry.

Whether you’re a collector of Vintage styles or prefer this type of jewelry; the Vintage multi-color Bracelet is sure to be a hit for any Woman. Set in 18k Pink Gold, this Bracelet features brightly color Emerald gemstones in blue, blueish-green,  green, orange, pink and red.


Important Jewelry Information

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