Bold Beautiful Sapphires

Bold beautiful Sapphires can be anything from pure blue, greenish blue or violet blue. In addition to shades of blue, sapphires are available in a variety of colors.

Big Beautiful Sapphires

In the first place, sapphires come in a variety of colors and are often referred to as “fancy sapphires”. Often, you can find sapphires in green, orange, pink, purple, yellow and other hues. Since many associate fancy sapphires with romance; it is often hard to find a quality gemstone.

Additionally, sapphires come in color change shades reflecting different shades in fluorescent lighting. Also, sapphires sometimes come in black, brown or grey.

Big Beautiful Sapphires Jewelry

When choosing a sapphire, it pairs well with both gold and silver. Because sapphires are one of the hardest gemstones, other than diamonds; sapphires are often chosen as engagement rings. Be sure to visit our September Sapphire Jewelry post to see a few stunning sapphire engagement rings.

Are you looking for something eye-catching? For something to wear with a little black dress or with a leather jacket and a T-shirt, the Estate Dilamani Pendant is ideal. Set in 18k White Gold, this custom cut invisible set Sapphire features 31 round full Diamonds. This 8 sided Art Deco design highlights this stunning Pendant.

Bold Beautiful Sapphires

X marks the spot in this 1980 Vintage Bracelet. Show off your wrist in this 14k White Gold, stunning “X” design Bracelet that features 16 round bright blue Sapphires and 32 round Diamonds.

Bold Beautiful Sapphires

For a night on the town, these Vintage Estate, Art Deco Sapphire Earrings will have heads turning left and right. These Art Deco 1920 – 1930 Dangle Earrings are Platinum, 14k White Gold and feature a beautiful Diamond top above the Sapphire.

Bold Beautiful Sapphires

Indeed, bold beautiful sapphires should be seen with other bright colors. We have a large selection of sapphire jewelry as great gifts for the special people in your life.

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