August Peridot Birthstone

Peridot is known as one of the Birthstones for those who have an August birthday. For anyone who loves the color green, there are various shades available in this gemstone.

August Peridot Birthstone

For anyone born this month, August is one of the trifecta Birthstone months. Be sure to visit our August Sardonyx Jewelry and August Spinel Jewelry post to see other Birthstone jewelry. Although there are other green gemstone jewelry available; this gemstone is less expensive than an Emerald, Tourmaline and Tsavorite.

Ultimately, this gemstone is popular. In the first place, this gemstone has a long history and can be traced back to early Egyptian civilization. First and foremost, one reason this gemstone is sought after is the rich, luxurious green yellow color.

Moreover, this gemstone represents strength and when set in gold; this is said to protect anyone wearing this from having nightmares.

August Peridot Birthstone Jewelry

Apparently this gemstone is often known as the gemstone of the sun. Since August is a warm Summer month, this makes sense. This beautiful stone makes it ideal to wear in the Spring and Summer months.

Because there are a lot of dazzling pieces to wear, this fun and unique Art Deco Ring pops. Set in 14k White Gold Filigree, this bright green gemstone is impressive. Indeed, this ring will have your hand sparkle.

August Peridot Birthstone

No doubt, this fun and fabulous Citrine Briolette Necklace shines. Coupled with approximately 200 Periots and natural Citrine stones. Also, this is untreated and weights 3.02 carats. Indeed, this style creates a modern fashion statement to brighten your outfit.

August Peridot Birthstone

When you’re looking for something to wear to offer some pop to your outfit; the bright green pear shaped Earrings showcase its natural color. Set in 14k Yellow Gold, the pear shape gemstones weight is approximately 2.20 carats.

August Peridot Birthstone

Celebrate your August Birthday with any of the Birthstones Jewelry pieces.

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