Summertime Jewelry Treasures

Are you ready for the best Summertime jewelry you won’t have to take off anytime soon? Well, today’s post has you covered from simple pieces to styles that will have you sizzle.

Summertime Jewelry

First and foremost, who wants to fuss with their jewelry in the heat? Of course, the best pieces to wear are the ones that you don’t have to take off all the time. For example, your wedding ring and band are styles you wear all the time. Now is the time to find some easy pieces that will be your go-to Summertime jewelry.

Summertime Jewelry – Necklaces

With the weather being warmer, pile on the necklaces. For some tips, be sure to visit our Layering Your Necklaces post. When you’re wearing a plunge neckline, you can add a bunch of different length necklaces to accent your neckline. For instance, this Vintage, Victorian Graduated Coral 26 inch Necklace from the 1900’s would look ideal with another coral, gold or turquoise shorter necklace.

Summertime Jewelry Treasures

Coupled with the necklace above, this Vintage, Victorian 14k Yellow Gold, untreated Pink Coral Necklace is ideal to wear to make a statement. Set in 14k Yellow Gold, this beachy necklace stands out. From 1890, this natural undyed and untreated salmon color, hand carved Coral make a statement.

Summertime Jewelry Treasures

Summertime Jewelry – Earrings

One of the easiest styles to wear in jewelry anytime of the year is earrings. Wear a simple Diamond stud earring or wear a dangle earring to dress up your outfit. Indeed, the choice is yours.

In my opinion, star earrings are the ideal style to wear in the Summertime. Set in 14k Yellow Gold, these Estate Italian Pierce Design Star Earrings are perfect to wear any hour.

Summertime Jewelry Treasures

On the whole, you can pile on your jewelry or you can wear a piece at a time. Obviously, you can have a lot of fun layering your necklaces.

Next is our Summertime Jewelry Bracelet and Ring post.

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