Father’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Since Father’s Day is a great day to let your Dad know how much he means to you, why not consider a nice piece of jewelry. Of course, your Dad has enough neckties and shirts.

Father’s Day Cufflinks

So, buying jewelry for your Dad can be difficult. In the first place, it is important to focus on what your Dad likes and often wears. If your Dad isn’t a big jewelry lover, why not get him a pair of cufflinks. Even if your Dad doesn’t wear a suit and a dress shirt to work, there will be special occasions such as a wedding, anniversary, a formal black tie event that most Dad’s would appreciate a nice pair of cufflinks.

Below is a Vintage Designer 14k Gold Etched Round Cufflinks. Not only are these modern, but also classic. Indeed, these will be the perfect complement for his shirt cuff.

Father's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

In the same fashion, you may be looking to spoil your Husband, Father or Grandfather. After all, the Vintage E. Wolfe Brittany Springer Spaniel 18k White Gold Diamond Cufflinks are spectacular. At the same time, these cufflink’s original retail was $16,000 and is a retired collectible style. In addition, this maker is known for their top notch workmanship and famous for Tiara’s and Animal pieces.

Father's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Father’s Day Pocket Watch

When your Dad becomes a grandparent, why not gift him with a pocket watch. At the same time, a pocket watch is a classic passage of time and a gift he will surely appreciate. Underneath is an Art Deco Hamilton 1934 White Gold Filled Pocket Watch. Moreover, this is an exceptional piece with a 3 color Art Deco color dial and hands.

Father's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Also, below is an Elgin 1926 Gold Filled Pocket Watch. Hence, this beautiful collectors pocket watch with a gold filled case is a special piece.

Father's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Father’s Day Watches

If your Dad likes watches, why not select the style below. The watch below is an Omega 1960 Bumper Automatic Steel 351 Watch. Moreover, this is one of the nicest 351 watch styles we have seen. In addition, this watch is in pristine condition and the automatic extra fine dial looks brand new.

Father's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Also, the watch below is a new Suchy 48mm Steel Chronograph Wrist Watch. Every time your Dad looks at his wrist, he will be reminded of the thoughtful memories of being loved. Not only will your Dad appreciate this gift, but he will actually wear it.

Father's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Peter Suchy Jewelers wishes all the Fathers, Stepdads, Father-in-laws, and Grandfathers a Happy Father’s Day!


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