Emeralds Are For Everyone

Emeralds are for everyone. At the same time, these wondrous jewels are shaped and molded into so many different forms.

Emeralds are for Everyone

Indeed, emeralds have a brilliant color and suit all sorts of styles. Not only are emeralds versatile, but they can be worn with any outfit.

Below are a few styles along with a brief description of what makes them special and why you should add these pieces to your collection.

Stunning Vintage Emerald Jewelry

Emeralds Are For Everyone

Natural Columbian Emerald GIA Ring

This emerald ring features a platinum 18k gold diamonds as well as a stunning and rare blueish minty green Columbian emerald as it’s center stone. This ring makes for a unique engagement ring, especially if you like vintage engagement rings that make a statement. 



Emeralds Are For Everyone

Estate Emerald 18k Gold Necklace

In excellent condition, with no repairs or defects, this necklace is made from 18k yellow gold and emerald rondelle beads. Also, this beautiful necklace is perfect for anyone who loves vintage jewelry.


Emeralds Are For Everyone


In summary, the styles above show how many emerald jewel options there are. Indeed, the opportunity to pick the right style of emeralds that suits you is out there.

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