The Consumer’s Guide to Buying a Princess-cut Diamond Ring

The princess cut is one of the most sought after diamond styles today. Displaying in a rectangular manner, this cut succeeds at enhancing the brilliance of the gem. To be fair, this cut has not been around for all that long. Jewelry makers in the 1960s began playing around with the French as well as the round brilliant cut to create an elegant new look with a mixed cutting approach. Little did they know that it would soon take over in popularity. That said, the princess cut is not for every diamond.
  • Look at the corners. When you consider buying a diamond featuring a princess cut, watch the setting. Because of the tapering, the edges of the diamond may chip if a skillfully created setting does not protect them. Excellent examples are the channel and four-prong settings.
  • Get background info on the stone. Inclusions, flaws, and similar downsides that another cut would make glaringly obvious are easy to disguise with the princess cut. As a result, is has become the go-to cut for jewelers who sell mediocre diamonds. Educate yourself on what to look for (flawless clarity and a color grade of D or G), and ensure that the ring or another jewel you purchase with a princess-cut diamond stands up to scrutiny.
  • Choose the right setting material. We recommend platinum. Since the object of this cut is to bring out the diamond’s brilliance, select a metal that enhances it.
We have several exquisite examples that show you in detail what we mean.

PSD Platinum Eternity Band with Princess-cut Diamonds 

This piece comes from the Peter Suchy Design Shop. The setting is platinum. There are 22 princess-cut diamonds with a combined weight of 4.0cts. The width of the band is 4mm. Look closely, and you see how the settings protect the edges of the diamonds.

JVS Designer Platinum Engagement Ring with Princess-cut Diamonds 

This designer ring also features a platinum setting. It holds four princess-cut diamonds with a total weight of .70cts. Once again, the corner protections are in place. These stones have a color grading of G.

Platinum Engagement Ring with Channel-set Set Diamonds and a Solitaire 

This is new old stock. The setting is platinum and features a square corner design to protect the princess-cut solitaire that weighs in at 1.05cts. Another 18 princess-cut diamonds weigh a combined .50cts and are channel set into the ring. Their colors run from F to G.
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