Why New Old Stock Should be on Your Radar

The term “new old stock” refers to jewelry that artisans made a long time ago. Jewelers may even have attempted to sell the pieces. Even so, these jewels remained in the showcases. Eventually, the stores that offered the items for sale went out of business. When selling off their inventories, the experts at Peter Suchy Jewelers were there, bid and bought the best jewels.
We are now passing these rare finds on to you, our customers. Why should you buy new old stock? What makes it so unusual that folks who see it are eager to snap it up?
  • Out of production.Depending on the source of the items, there is a good chance that this jewel is out of production. It may have been a special order that a customer failed to pick up. It may have been the forerunner of a new series of pieces that then never entered production. In other cases, the jewel was a design house creation for a particular collection that is now retired. Finding unique rings, bracelets or necklaces is entirely possible when shopping new old stock.
  • Only buying option.Many of the new old stock pieces you see for sale are impossible to find elsewhere. Buying them now through our inventory display is your only option of owning them. Since some of these items may represent the work of renowned artisans or design houses in their time, it is possible to get a better deal now than you would have been able to negotiate when the jewels first appeared on the shelf.

    In some cases, it is hard to pinpoint the manufacture date of a special treasure. Unless ample documentation accompanies the items during their sale, a guess may have to suffice. It is entirely possible to find old pieces that have languished in inventories or storage boxes for decades. By the way, it is a common misconception that these products represent the not-so-popular jewelry selections. Rather, consider that they may have carried prices too steep for the customers at the time. Perhaps the marketing of the prior inventory display left something to be desired.
    So go ahead, scour our inventory for these hard-to-find but most certainly worth it jewels that we readily identify as new old stock. Some come from southern stores; others come from unidentified retailers or wholesalers. No matter the origins, these are beauties you simply have to see to believe.
    At Peter Suchy Jewelers we are experts in all types of vintage, estate and antique jewelry. We hope you’ll stop by our showroom located at 1137 High Ridge Road in Stamford Connecticut.
    Or, hop on over to our top-rated BigCommerce Store where you’ll find all the vintage new old stock gemstone jewelry you see here. If you find a listing has ended, please email us at info@petersuchyjewelers.com as we may still have the item in stock.
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