Wearing Multiple Rings on One Hand is a Cool Winter Fashion This Year

Fashionistas agree that this winter is the season for wearing multiple thinner bands or rings on one hand – or on both hands. The trick here is to match individual style elements but not select a perfectly complementary piece. The subtle differences make the style that fashion insiders swear by this year. The Peter Suchy Jewelers experts have put together a list of rings that would be ideal for mixing and matching on your fingers.
For starters, there is the 2mm-wide platinum band with diamondIt has the fine size quality that makes it a superb choice for wearing alongside other rings. The round, full-cut diamond weighs in at .02cts. It shows off just a bit of sparkle, which creates a visually pleasing effect. This band perfectly combines with any other ring.
When you like to have a bit more definition, consider this Judith Ripka 6.5mm-wide ringThe designer piece is made from 18k yellow and greenish gold. Artisans engraved the top to feature hearts and spheres. Nine full-cut diamonds combine in the hearts and weigh a collective .27cts. 
Combine this ring with thinner bands for a cool look. Consider pairing this piece with a Buccellati two-row woven yellow gold ring. Artisans used 18k yellow gold to create a two-strand ring that displays a weave design. It has a width of 5.86mm, which makes it a good complement for another ring – worn on a different finger or hand – that displays with a similar measurement.
Of course, when you want to go for the gusto, you can never go wrong with a Tiffany & Co. creation. This platinum band with emeralds and diamonds displays a width of 3.28mm. After researching the piece, we discovered that it stems from a 1960s set. The ring features three emerald-cut diamonds that weigh a total of .60cts and four green emeralds with a combined weight of .46cts. The stones take up a third of the ring’s surface.
For a pairing that would match the visual appeal of this ring, consider an antique revival band with a floral motif and diamonds. The platinum band measures 2.8mm in width, which creates an excellent complementary ring for bands that are slightly larger or at the same width. This piece features nine round diamonds with a combined weight of .12cts. By the way, the look of this jewel makes it suitable for pairing with other rings that do not necessarily feature any diamonds at all. 

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