Green Gemstone Bracelets for Mardi Gras Celebrants

If you already have the purple and gold squared away but still need something spectacular in green, our vintage green gemstone bracelets are sure to fit the bill. A variety of stones create looks that amaze.
Case in point is this Art Deco jadeite jade five-stone bracelet from the 1940s. The setting material is 14k green gold, which beautifully accentuates the carving of the jadeite jade pieces. The latter are round, and each one measures 18.8mm. The floral motif of each piece is attractive but muted, which heightens the appeal of the jewel.
If you prefer your jadeite jade just a bit smaller, consider this Art Deco gold bracelet, which also comes from the 1940s. The 14k yellow gold setting holds four carved jadeite jades ovals that display with a variegated color play of green and white. Once again, artisans opted for floral motifs when doing the carvings. The intricacy of the work is spectacular.
For an even smaller display of the same type of gem, we suggest the green gold bracelet from the1930s. The 14k gold holds three jadeite jade pieces that show off a mottled green. The width of the piece is 5/8 inches. This extremely attractive piece is suitable not just for Mardi Gras but really for any occasion where green perfectly complements your wardrobe. Opt for this bracelet when you want to build up your jewelry collection with pieces that are suitable for a broad range of settings and wardrobe pairings.
When you are in the market for an elegant bracelet featuring deep green Brazilian emeralds and white diamonds, you cannot go wrong with this piece featuring 14k yellow gold. There are 19 green emeralds with a total weight of 4.40cts. Another 38 baguette-cut diamonds weigh a collective 1.80cts and provide visual counterpoints to the dark green color. At a width of 4.5mm, this elegant jewel looks amazing. Pair it with a gold-colored top or shawl.
On the other side of the spectrum is this light green emerald and white diamond bracelet. Artisans chose 14k yellow gold as the setting material. A total of 22 oval emeralds present with a weight of 11.44cts. Each one is separated from the next by two diamonds. Forty-four round diamonds weigh a total of 1.32cts. The light color of the stones is an ideal balance for a wardrobe that accentuates darker green or even purple hues. 
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