How to Propose Marriage During the Holidays

Whether you are thinking of proposing marriage during the Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year festivities, some universal rules apply. Although you might believe that you are ready to go, consider that a holiday marriage proposal comes with a unique set of pressures and potential for falling flat. Make a mistake here, and it will be remembered every time the holidays come around again. On the flipside, do the job well, and your cleverness is sure to be lauded and remembered as well. So, how do you go about planning the perfect marriage proposal?

Only Propose to a Marriage-minded Partner

The holiday proposal is sure to end in disaster if your partner is not ready to take the relationship to the next level. If you have never discussed marriage before now, this is not the right time to propose. On the other hand, if you have talked about spending your lives together, starting a family, getting married and moving in together, this is the ideal day to pop the question.

Clue in the Family

Surprising your future in-laws is a bad idea. No matter how well you get along, make sure that you privately discuss your plans with them. If a third party hosts the family holiday dinner, clue in the host as well. If anyone voices objections to your plan, drop it for a special Valentine’s Day proposal. After all, you do not want to steal the show of the cousin who is also thinking of proposing marriage. That said, letting the family in on the plans might allow you to work together with the cousin on a memorable double engagement.

Choose the Right Moment

For a Hanukkah proposal, wait until she lands on Gimel during a game of Dreidel. This is the perfect springboard for handing her the whole pot as well as your heart and a ring. During a Christmas proposal, wait until the family opens presents. Hand her a package containing an engraved ornament that only says, “Will you marry me?” As she reads it, get down on one knee and offer the ring. For a New Year’s Eve party proposal, propose marriage during the countdown with an eye on entering the New Year as an engaged couple.

Have the Ring Ready

We have said it before, but it bears a repeat mention: have the ring. A holiday marriage proposal without the right ring falls flat and, frankly, appears ill-planned and thoughtless.
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