Zircon Birthday Gifts for a Teen or College Student

If your daughter has a December birthday, use this opportunity to introduce her to the fine art of vintage jewelry collecting. Whether she is a teenager or college student, selecting a zircon jewel ensures that its look will be appropriate for the classroom and for the various activities that school or college life offer. In addition, the reasonable price tags might make it possible to purchase multiple pieces as starters for her collection. What are your options?

Blue Zircon Bracelet with Pink and Green Gold Setting Elements 

This 1930s masterpiece features three bright blue zircons with a combined weight of 2.25cts. Artisans combined 14k pink and green gold to offset the blue hues of the stones. Look closely, and take in the beautiful designs of the individual links. At a length of 7.25 inches, this bracelet fits comfortably on the wrist. It looks dainty and draws the eye.

Retro Art Deco Swirl Design Pin with a Blue Zircon 

A Retro Art Deco piece, this pin is a marvel of 14k pink and green gold. We date this pin to 1935. It features a swirl design that was typical for the period. At the center is a round blue zircon that weighs 1.25cts. From side to side, the jewel measures .90 inches. Its height is 2.12 inches. The gorgeous pin is perfectly suitable for wear in a classroom, at after school activities or just for hanging out with friends.

Oval Zircon Dangle Earrings with Diamonds in White Gold 

Present your teen or college student with dangle earrings that are perfect to wear for special occasions. The setting material is 14k white gold. It beautifully displays the two bright blue oval zircons with a combined weight of 3.80cts. Eight round diamonds with a collective weight of .08cts bring sparkle to the setting portions. The combination of the white diamonds and blue zircons is dramatic yet perfectly suited for a younger wearer.

Blue Zircon Pin and Earring Set in Pink and Green Gold 

Does your daughter delight in the detail work that many collectors so commonly value? If the answer is a resounding yes, then this pin and earring set is the ideal choice. Dating back to around 1935, it consists of hand-engraved 14k pink and green gold settings. Four round blue zircons weigh a combined 2.40cts.
Two of these stones display as floral centers in the pin while the other two are floral centers for the earrings. The detail work of the leaves and petals is stunning. This is the perfect first collection piece for an older teen or college student who is on the road to imitating your love for vintage jewelry.
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