Vintage Star Ruby Jewelry for the Discerning Aficionado

When a ruby presents with asterism, jewelers refer to it colloquially as a star ruby. Asterism is the event when a gem displays a six-rayed star design that is not the result of tampering or artificial enhancements. Jewelers like to cut this type of gem as a cabochon, which displays the star motif to its fullest. At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we have a number of these fascinating rubies in our collection.

F&F Felger Engagement Ring Featuring a Star Ruby and Diamonds 

This beauty dates back to the 1960s. It comes from the F&F Felger design house. This is a no-heat ruby, which makes it one of very few that present with this type of purple to red color. The stone weighs in at 2.50cts. The artisans used 14k white and yellow gold for the setting. Surrounding the ruby are five single-cut diamonds that weigh a collective .08cts. This gorgeous ring is excellent for daily wear or for special occasions.

Natural Star Ruby Cocktail Ring with Diamonds 

When only something truly spectacular will do, then this cocktail ring with the K3 hallmark fits the bill. The setting material is 18k white gold. The natural ruby did not undergo any heat treatment. Cut into an oval cabochon, it weighs 3.0cts. The carefully worked and intricately designed setting holds 44 round diamonds with a combined weight of .75cts. This is a rare design that you do not see every day.

1920s Art Deco Engagement Ring with a Star Ruby and Diamonds 

Everyone loves the Art Deco era. True to the design of the times, this ring starts with a platinum setting. It holds a round purple to red translucent star ruby that is all natural. The gem weighs 5.85cts. Along the setting, jewelers added 24 European single-cut diamonds for a total weight of .14cts. This is an elegant ring that is suitable for an engagement or as a“just because” gift. If you only look at one vintage star ruby ring today, make it this one.

Art Deco Star Ruby Pendant 

When you prefer your ruby at the end of a necklace rather than on your finger, take a closer look at this Art Deco platinum pendant. The center point is a star ruby cabochon that weighs a respectable 21.91cts. The color is a dark red with hints of purple. Above the gem, the setting holds two European-cut diamonds weighing a combined .64cts, eight single-cut diamonds with a collective weight of .15cts and nine full-cut diamonds for a total weight of .10cts. This combination brings amazing sparkle to the table.
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