For the Birds? Vintage Jewelry Presents with Avian Themes

Loyal readers of our blog will have noticed that this week we are working on an animal theme. We have thus far covered cats and horses. Next up are the birds. Jewelry makers love to work with a bird theme because it allows for a broad range of style elements as well as design options. Here are our favorites.

1960s Bird Pin with Coral 

The setting material is 18k yellow gold. The pin’s creator carefully textured and worked the gold to present the illusion of feathers, a tail and wings. A 1.5mm ruby is the eye. The real showstopper is a salmon-colored coral that measures 9.6mm. The width of the pin is 16mm. Its height is 25.14mm. Wear this whimsical pin to the office or to school. It suits any occasion.

1960s 3D Triple Bird Pin by Tiffany & Co. 

Choose this Tiffany & Co. piece for its stellar artistry and keep it because of its aesthetic appeal. This is the kind of vintage piece you intend to buy as a present but keep for yourself. The artisans used 18k yellow gold to create amazingly detailed renditions of three attractive birds. Three 1mm blue sapphires are the eyes. Look closely to take in the different techniques for creating believable feather and body displays. This pin has a width of 35.35mm and a height of 20.48mm.

1950s Love Birds Pendant with Gray Pearls and Enameling 

This jewel comes to us with an Italian hallmark. It features a three-dimensional display of two lovebirds. The setting material is 18k yellow gold. Two silvery gray pearls measuring 9.5mm to 10mm are the bodies. Enameling creates the imagery of feathers and facial features. It also offers a gorgeous flow of green into blue and red hues. From top to bottom, the pendant measures 20mm. Its width is 35mm. The pendant hangs from a 17-inch curb link chain. This is a truly attractive piece.

Double Owl Pin 

Bold green, gold and reds are the colors for this amazing three-dimensional pin. A Hong Kong original, its body is made of nearly translucent nephrite jade that an expert jeweler hand carved to present with an illusion of feathers. Four round rubies are the eyes. Holding it all together is 14k yellow gold, which also displays the facial features of the birds. For the branch on which the owls perch, the artisan used a piece of red coral. The pin measures 1 9/16 inches by 1 1/8 inches.
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