Choose a Maritime Theme to Accessorize Your Wardrobe

In this post, we turn our attention to the seas. Maritime-themed jewelry is as old as the peoples living near oceans and rivers. More modern jewelry makers have taken inspiration from the sea to create sometimes whimsical and sometimes realistic pieces that occasionally even incorporate the real thing.

Carved Coral with Bail Pendant in the Shape of a Fish 

Here is something that you just do not see every day. An artisan transformed this orange, yellow and white piece of coral into the likeness of a fish. At the top, an 18k yellow gold bail allows you to attach the pendant to a necklace. This is an all-natural three-dimensional piece without any enhancements. Each view offers a different aspect of the animal. You have to see it to believe it. From top to bottom, it measures 35mm.

Blue Lapis Turtle Pendant and Necklace 

One of the most popular maritime creatures is the sea turtle. Measuring 24.10mm in height and 13mm in width, this pendant is a genuine lapis that depicts the shell. Holding it in place is a casing of 18k yellow gold, which also displays the feet. The pendant hangs from a 1.2mm wide bead chain that measures 16 inches in length. This is an ideal daily wear jewel.

Shell Bracelet with Multiple Gems 

This is an excellent example of what happens when a jeweler succeeds at incorporating the real thing into a design. The bracelet starts with 14k yellow gold, which serves to connect four assorted shells. These were worked into the design that also incorporates two yellowish citrines, four amethysts and peridots, two moonstones, one blue calcedon, two pink tourmalines and a blue topaz. The combination of textures and colors is perfect. The bracelet feels and looks great on the wrist.

1950s Fish Pin with Various Gem Pins 

This pin is an original. It features 14k yellow gold with 10k gold stick pins from the 1900s to the 1940s. The combination of the decades is intentional. The pin’s careful texturing creates the illusion of a moving fish that is swimming to the surface. It features a ruby necklace. The pins display a cabochon-cut moonstone, an old-mine-cut diamond weighing .03cts, a cultured pearl and a round opal ball measuring 2mm. You will draw all the eyes in the room when wearing this piece. It is nothing short of spectacular. When you love the unusual and want something that easily accessorizes any wardrobe choice, this is the jewel to pick out.
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