Wear Your Cocktail Rings with Style

The cocktail ring has an illustrious history. Its first mass appeal took hold during the 1940s, when Retro Art Deco jewelry designers enlarged the look of rings. They became statement jewels rather than diminutive pieces that accentuated larger pendants or earrings. In the 1950s and 1960s, their popularity increased.

Case in point is this 1960s tsavorite garnet cocktail ring with pink spinel and white diamonds.  The 18k yellow gold setting accentuates the colors of the pink, white and green stones. Domed for added appeal, it is a large piece of jewelry that cannot help but become the focal point of your jewelry ensemble.
Not surprisingly, wearing this type of ring is not something that any novice collector knows how to handle. To make it a bit easier for those who have fallen in love with the design but are not necessarily adept at incorporating this type of jewelry into a collection, the fashion experts at Peter Suchy Jewelers have some advice.
  • Color matters. Select colors that suit your style. If you love the look of green gems, choose a ring that features garnets. Do not pick one that highlights a different color. While you can wear a small ring that may feature a color or gem you do not necessarily love, a large cocktail ring is something you have to love through and through.
  • Choose your expression. Many cocktail rings present with a theme. Some show off floral motifs while others depict animals. That said, there are also plenty of rings that focus on the setup of the stones and the play of the colors. If you are an animal lover, consider collecting this type of cocktail ring. It makes wearing a larger ring an expression of your personality.
  • Accessorize with care. Your cocktail ring is the focal point of your jewelry ensemble. It pops; it draws the eye. Accessorizing such pieces is not always easy. Following up on the example of the animal motif, consider pairing a ring depicting a tiger with earrings that show off black or orange stones. Stick with one color since the combination of hues will compete for the eye’s attention with the ring.
One of the most commonly made mistakes is the pairing of a cocktail ring with statement necklaces and hoop earrings. While it is true that all of these jewelry choices are large, it is not a good idea to combine several large pieces.
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