Celebrate the Start of Fall with Leaf-themed Jewelry

Falling leaves and the season of autumn go hand in hand. Although it may be difficult to anticipate the cooling temperatures in these final days of summer, the change of the seasons is rapidly approaching. Celebrate the first day of fall with a new leaf-themed vintage jewel.

1950s White Gold Lily Pin 

The artistry that went into the creation of this pin is truly breathtaking. Jewelry makers selected 14k white gold to create the stems of the lily. Frosted quartz crystal forms into the iconic floral head shape. The carvings look lifelike. Five full-cut diamonds weigh a combined .04cts and create accent pieces as anthers on the end of filaments. One sapphire weighs .15cts and provides a light blue colorful accent at the cut end of the pin. This pin is a truly remarkable piece.

White Gold and Akoya Pearl Branch Pin 

Artisans chose 14k white gold to design a pin that mimics the look of a branch. Texturing enhances the attractive nature of the leaves. A total of 10 Akoya pearls mimic berries. Each measures 6mm. To bring a bit of sparkle to the mix, the jewelry maker added four round sapphires with a complete weight of .20cts. This pin measures 2 inches by 1 3/8 inches.

Gold Pin Depicting a Rose with Leaves 

The materials of this rose are 18k yellow and white gold. The design relies on the combination of individual wire pieces. Four outer petals create a frame that allows four inner petals to move in and out on hinges. The tips feature white gold. The jewelry maker chose to add 110 round diamonds in a variety of bead settings. These stones weigh a combined 2.20cts. The pin measures 2 inches by 3 5/16 inches. This is a leaf-themed fall floral design that you have to see to believe.

Retro Art Deco Pink and Green Gold Leaf Pin 

This combination of 14k pink and green gold dates back to around 1935, which makes it a Retro Art Deco piece. It is clear at first glance that this jewel is handmade. This pin measures 2 7/8 inches by 1 ¼ inches. The design mimics a leaf that is caught up in a bow with other floral accoutrements surrounding it. It brings a sophisticated chic to the table that makes it ideal for special occasions. That said, the pin is not so over the top that you could not wear it to the office and other locations.
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