Our Favorite Victorian Jewels

We hope that delving deeper into the mysterious world of Victorian jewelry has opened your eyes to an era you might have overlooked in your jewelry collection. When you are ready to add some exquisite Victorian jewelry to your ensemble, we have just the pieces that could make a great start.

Platinum Pendant Featuring a Deep Blue Sapphire 

You will be hard-pressed to find an equal to this late Victorian masterpiece. We believe that artisans manufactured this piece in the 1880s. They chose platinum as well as 14k pink gold to bring out the color of the stones. The showstopper is the deep blue sapphire that measures 1.95cts and displays in a cushion cut. Fourteen old-European-cut diamonds weighing a combined .56cts as well as ten round single-cut diamonds that weigh a collective .10cts surround the center gem. This pendant hangs from a 16-inch platinum cable link chain.

Victorian Pink Gold Bangle Bracelet Featuring a Diamond 

The detail work of this setting is breathtaking. The bracelet itself features platinum and 14k pink gold. A crown style top holds the old-European-cut diamond. It weighs in at 1.03cts. At the top, this piece measures 9.37mm in width. At the bottom, the width of the bangle is 2.82mm. In spite of its seemingly small size, this bracelet fits a standard 7.5-inch wrist.

1890s Three-diamond Dangle Pendant 

Artisans made this piece sometime after the 1880s but before the 1900s. It is unique and may have been a special commission. The material is platinum. The first stone is an old-mine-cut diamond weighing .65cts. Next, you notice an old-mine-cut diamond with a light brown color. It weighs in at .40cts. Look closely, and you cannot help but notice that artisans set it sideways. The third stone is an old-mine-cut diamond weighing .20cts. The bail displays three round diamonds weighing a combined .03cts. The pendant hangs from a 16-inch chain. If unique pieces are your favorite collectibles, then this jewel is a must-have for your Victorian collection.

Late Victorian Diamond Bracelet 

We date the creation of this bracelet to about 1895. Although the main setting material features platinum, artisans decided to use 14k pink gold for the base underneath the diamonds. A total of 38 old-European-cut diamonds weigh a combined 15.0cts and dazzle with their sparkle. Suited for a standard 17.5-inch wrist, the bracelet displays a width of 6.3mm at the top and 4.1mm at the bottom. This bracelet is ideal for special occasions as well as the times that you dress up for formal events. It easily becomes a cornerstone of your Victorian jewelry collection.
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