Our Favorite Victorian Cameos

Cameos were a common jewel during the Victorian period. Designs varied and could be included in ring and necklace settings. The vintage experts at Peter Suchy Jewelers have scoured the inventory to reveal our collection of favorite Victorian cameos. See if you agree with our picks.

Late 1830s Cameo Pin Pendant 

This is a fine example of early Victorian artistry. The setting material is 14k yellow gold. The pendant easily transforms into a pin. Artisans used an oval carnelian that measures 19mm by 16mm. Of special interest is the detail work and granulation, which is typical of the era. This piece is elegant and looks fantastic around the neck or on a blouse.

Mid-Victorian Pink Gold Cameo with Pearls 

This antique Victorian cameo pendant was made sometime in the 1870s. Jewelry makers used 14k pink gold for the setting. The carving of the cameo displays in a black and white hard stone. It measures 17mm by 12mm. To enhance the beauty of the design, artisans used 21 silvery white half pearls around the image. This pendant hangs from a 16.5-inch necklace. You cannot go wrong when adding this to your collection.

Late Victorian Green Quartz Cameo Ring

We believe that artisans made this 18k pink gold ring in the 1890s. It features a green and white marquise-cut quartz hard stone that reveals the carving of an unidentified woman. The stone measures 17mm by 7mm. As you look at this ring, notice how granulation gave way to rope banding. Wear this spectacular piece on special occasions.

Hinged Cameo Pin from the 1880s 

Jewelry makers started with a 14k pink gold setting. It holds a black and white onyx hard stone cameo. The attractive nature of the depicted woman’s profile features extreme detail work. A hidden picture compartment allows you to include the photo of a loved one. Due to its age, there are some minor defects to this cameo in the form of small dents. It is important to notice that these actually heighten the desirability of the piece because they give it quite a bit of character.
Collectors of Victorian era cameos should know that some of these pieces were actual commissions. Thus, the depicted images may have held importance to the wearer and could have been a likeness of a family member or friend. In other cases, jewelry makers created images of the idealized woman. Not following a model’s face, they depicted their understanding of ultimate beauty.
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