Our 5 Favorite Cameo Jewels

The cameo is a carved raised figure. During the Victorian era, artisans used this technique to create images of royalty that courtiers could wear in a show of devotion. This jewelry-making technique also provided a means for couples to keep likenesses of their loved ones nearby. Today, it is rare to find cameo makers. Since many of our clients have expressed an interest in adding this jewelry type to their collections, Peter Suchy Jewelers has scoured its inventory for the five most amazing pieces.

1890s 10-Hardstone Cameo Necklace in Rose Gold


This cameo necklace comes from England. We believe that artisans created it in the 1890s. The frames are 12k rose gold and feature ten carved stones. The materials the artisans used were carnelian and onyx. The overall length of the necklace is 27 inches.

Antique Italian Cameo Pin Pendant


Although we do not have exact dates of manufacture, we believe that this pin pendant cameo is actually a very old Italian masterpiece. It is a hardstone piece that shows superior artistry. Its frame features 14k yellow gold. The piece measures 1 ¾ inches by 3/8 inches.

Victorian Italian Shell Cameo Pin Pendant 

Every so often, we run across a piece of jewelry that astounds us. This is one of these instances. The cameo portion is a late-Victorian shell piece that a famous New York jeweler mounted in the early 1900s. Its frame is 18k yellow gold. The carving itself clearly depicts the Farnese bull in Naples. Its oval shape looks beautiful. The pin pendant measures 2 3/8 inches by 1 11/16 inches.

Art Deco Pin Pendant Cameo

With this jewel, you get the artistry of cameo work as well as the style elements of the Art Deco era. Jewelry makers in the 1940s created a 14k white gold frame that looks nothing short of fantastic. It holds the oval shell cameo, which depicts a Victorian woman in period dress. The figure wears a necklace that features a full-cut diamond weighing .03cts.

Victorian Green Quartz Hardstone Cameo Ring

This Victorian ring shows off exquisite workmanship. Artisans created it in the 1890s. The setting is 18k pink gold. It features amazing detail work. Nestled into this setting is a green marquise-cut quartz. It shows off the carving of a woman. This is the type of jewel that gets you plenty of attention whenever you wear it; it is a certain conversation starter. 
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