Hand-textured Gold Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Gold is a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day and any other special occasion. It bespeaks feelings of worth, affection and genuine love. While today’s gold jewelry is usually polished and therefore can lack the personal touches that many collectors value so highly, vintage pieces frequently stand out because of the hand-texturing expert jewelers performed during manufacture. Sometimes, these pieces act as settings for gemstones. At other times, they impress with their beauty and only feature the treated gold. Peter Suchy Jewelers have put together the must-see pieces that fall into this category.

Hand-textured 14k Yellow Gold Necklace 

This necklace features hand-textured graduated circles. The overall length of the piece is 17 ¼ inches. The circles connect via hinges. The necklace looks beautiful.

1960s Domed Clip Post Earrings 

Italian artisans used 18k yellow gold to create these earrings. The texturing features varying depths, which add to the beauty of the pieces. The curved top makes them ideal for wear on the ears.

Yellow Gold Leaf with Jade

Made in the 1950s, this 14k yellow gold pin displays an inward curved leaf. The hand texturing creates an amazing display of realism in this design. Variegated jadeite jade adds beauty to the piece. This oval gem measures 12.8mm by 9.3mm.

Tiffany & Co. Textured Flower Pin in 3D

Tiffany & Co. artisans created this flower pin in the 1960s. The piece displays a German stamp. Weighing 12.8 grams, the pin measures 34.19mm in width and 62mm from top to bottom. Look closely, and the delicate design of the floral motif is certain to amaze you. The three-dimension look adds to the allure of the pin. If you only look at one textured gold jewel for Mother’s Day today, make it this one.

Textured Gold Earrings with Onyxes

Jewelry makers in the 1950s combined 14k yellow gold with black onyx center beads. This design incorporates textured and polished gold, which truly brings out the amazing beauty of the textured portions. These earrings are excellent for daily wear and go well with any type of wardrobe.

Gold Necklace Collar from the 1960s 

For the mom who loves to display the beauty of gold, opt for this 18k yellow gold graduated collar. Goldsmiths in the 1960s invested plenty of time and effort into the creation of a handmade neck collar that looks stunning around when worn. The bottom center measures 23.3mm. At the top, the ends measure 13.01mm.
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