Some of Peter Suchy’s Favorite Vintage Jewelry

Just like any other jeweler, Peter Suchy has his favorite pieces in the store. They are for sale, but as long as they remain in the showroom, he enjoys having them around. These pieces have unique looks and fascinate with their style elements and elegant artisanship. So, what are the four pieces that have captured the eye of one of Connecticut’s most esteemed jewelers?

Original Art Deco Jadeite Jade Necklace 


We date this piece’s manufacture to have taken place between 1900 and 1920. The jadeite jade beads are a delight of translucency. What makes these so rare is the fact that the beads and the carved pendant have not been artificially treated – only waxed. Separating the 35 beads from one another are 33 14k gold beads. The jade beads measure 4.58mm to 9.44mm. The gold beads are smaller and measure 3.6mm to 6.4mm. The pendant measures 2 inches by 1 1/16 inches. This is an amazing piece (the likes of which you simply do not see anymore).

Turn of the Century Diamond Ring in a Platinum Setting

Nestled in a platinum setting with old European sides is an antique old-mine brilliant cushion-cut diamond that weighs 5.58cts. Flanking it on either side are two old-European brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 1.78cts combined. Crafted at the turn of the century between 1890 and 1900, the amazing artistry of the diamond cuts presents them with a raised crown that enhances the sparkle of the gem. When examined by the experts, they found the faintest yellow tone in the center stone. Twenty-eight full-cut diamonds – weighing a total of .07cts – turn the setting into a marvel of studded beadwork. This ring dazzles with its fire.

Hinged Bracelet with Rubies and Diamonds

The setting material for this astonishing work of art is 20k yellow gold. A hinged bracelet displays the beauty of 34 cabochon-cut oval rubies with a collective weight of 28.60cts. Playing off the depth of the rich red rubies are 80 round diamonds with a total weight of 58cts. This bracelet is as close to perfectly balanced in sparkle and color selection as we have ever seen; it is a true masterpiece that would be an asset to any collector’s jewelry box.

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Earrings with a Floral Motif

It is easy to recognize the unparalleled artistry of a Tiffany & Co. expert in this set of dangle earrings. These pieces date back to a design from the 1900s. They were produced very briefly in the 1990s. Collectors and jewelry lovers agree that this design is among the most prized Tiffany pieces yet. The setting material is platinum. Placed in the flower settings are 400 ideal full-cut diamonds with a combined weight of 4.15cts. From top to bottom, the earrings measure 2.19 inches. Choose them as a focal point of your jewelry wardrobe. They beautifully accessorize any clothing style.
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