Vintage Gold Jewelry Reveals the Power of Mardi Gras

Do you have your gold jewelry ready? The third color of Mardi Gras is gold, which represents power. While almost everyone has some gold jewelry in their collections, Peter Suchy Jewelers have thrown open the vaults to reveal the most amazing gold pieces that we keep in our inventory. When you want to add Mardi Gras gold to your wardrobe, these are the jewels to check out.

Mimi So Jackson Gold Bangle Bracelet with Diamonds 

This designer bracelet is a work of art featuring 18k yellow gold. Famous for the geometric patterns that made Mimi So a household name, the bangle is created in the open-cuff style. Forty-four round ideal-cut diamondsweigh a collective 4.37cts. They are clustered in a variety of shapes. This is a spectacular piece that immediately catches the eye of everyone in the room.

Bombe Bracelet Goldie Watch with Hinged Cover

Made in the 1950s to be as much of a jewel as a functional watch, this Bombe bracelet is made of 14k yellow gold. Ninety-six single-cut diamonds weigh a collective 1.0cts. The Goldie watch features a manual winding mechanism. It runs well. This is the type of gold jewel that you simply do not see anymore. The craftsmanship that went into its manufacture is unparalleled. If you only look at one gold jewel today, make it this one.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Necklace 

Although gold is the color of Mardi Gras, it does not have to be the literal metal gold. In this case, it is the golden yellow of a diamond necklace. The setting material is 18k white gold as well as 22k yellow gold. A total of 60 fancy yellow diamonds make up the oval gemstones of this piece. Their combined weight is 15.0cts. Another 720 round full-cut diamonds weighing a collective 9.0cts bring plenty of sparkle to the table by surrounding each yellow gem. This is a true masterpiece. You will turn heads when you make your entrance.

Yellow Diamond Three-stone Ring


If you prefer your diamonds to be on a ring, this 1920s gem fits the bill. It displays three matched yellow diamonds. The center stone features an old European cut and weighs in at 2.53cts. It is flanked by two round brilliant old-European-cut diamonds; each weighs .73cts. The setting material is 18k yellow gold as well as platinum. The gold heightens the appearance of the fancy intensely yellow diamonds.
If this Mardi Gras gold has whetted your appetite for more, come and see what else we have in our inventory.
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