Vintage Retro Jewelry Combines the Best of Past and Present

Retro jewels are some of the most sought after pieces in Peter Suchy’s collection. Combining modern craftsmanship with attractive style elements from another era, these jewels highlight the best aspects of the bygone fashion and – occasionally – also imbuing them with more modern looks. But what happens when the retro jewel was made 40 or 50 years ago? This vintage jewel then becomes a bygone era jewel that showcases a unique take on another even more historic piece. Take a look at some of our more exemplary pieces in this genre.

Retro Art Deco Garnet Ring in Rose Gold 

The setting material is 14k rose gold. The garnet is an emerald-cut red gemstone that weighs 6.5cts. Made in the 1940s, this ring epitomizes the early to mid Art Deco era style elements but also includes the more modern gold working abilities. This is a beautifully worked piece that looks stunning from the top as well as from the sides.

Retro Art Deco Tiffany Earrings featuring Moonstones and Rubies 

Also coming from the 1940s, these Tiffany & Co. earrings are the real deal. They, too, mimic the early days of Art Deco and use moonstones, which were among the most popular gemstones of that era. The setting material is 14k yellow gold. The 10 oval cabochon-cut moonstones delight with their blue and white hues. Their combined weight is 7.0cts. The floral design is gorgeous. As centerpieces, the artisans chose two pink rubies that weigh a combined .30cts. This combination results in an understated elegance that is suitable for daily wear.

Retro Deco Earrings with Emeralds and Diamonds

Made in the 1950s, these deco pieces feature the telltale geometric patterns of the era – but with a 1950s touch. The setting is 18k yellow gold. Twelve round diamonds weigh a combined .06cts. Two square-cut Columbian deep green emeralds are the true focal points for these jewels. They feature a collective weight of .24cts. Wear these earrings and enjoy the attention that they will get you.

Retro Platinum Ring with Sapphires and Diamonds

This is a unique ring. Made in the 1930s, it features 30 mixed diamonds with a combined weight of 1.10cts. The focal point is a round purple sapphire weighing 1.05cts. Platinum is the idea setting material for this ring. This one is a surefire attention getter. Everyone will love to get a closer look at the piece to take in the retro style elements as well as the beauty of the sapphire.

Pink Gold Retro Ring with Persian Turquoise 

In the 1940s, jewelry makers combined 14k pink gold for a retro appearance with a stunning Persian robin egg blue turquoise. The stone weighs 18.0cts. This oval gem is truly eye-catching. Wear this ring with clothes that have a retro style to them as well or opt for a solid-color outfit.
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