Breathtakingly Beautiful Vintage Purple Gemstone Rings You Have to See to Believe

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we discuss purple gemstones? Is it the amethyst? If so, you are in good company. In fact, the amethyst is so famous for its purple hues that royalty in the Middle Ages prized the stones for crown jewelry and ornamental use of household items. But did you know that there are other gemstones that also display the color purple? While they may not be known for this color, they nevertheless can come in these hues. Take a peek at these jewels; there is not an amethyst in the bunch!

White and Purple Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

Sapphires have mimicked diamonds and amethysts in the past. This ring is a perfect example of this ability. Set in platinum, the focal point of this jewel is the round white sapphire that weighs a stunning 6.56cts. Look closely, it has a minute blue tinge. It is flanked on either side by natural color-change sapphires that weigh a total 1.78cts. The colors are of a deepest purple with hints of blue in the right illumination. The old-European cuts of the stones are rare finds these days. Set inside the ring’s band are two baguette-cut diamonds weighing a total .34cts. This is a stunning ring.

Purple Jade Ring with Diamonds 

The setting material is 18k yellow gold. A pear-shaped cabochon-cut purple Jadeite Jade weighing .70cts is the main gemstone. To heighten the effect of its translucency, artisans included 22 full-cut bright white diamonds in the design. These stones weigh a combined total of .50cts. Find them surrounding the jade as well as along the upper portion of the setting. This ring is a stunner and will certainly get you plenty of compliments.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring 

When you want your ring’s main gem to be purple, the sapphire once again meets your needs. Case in point is this platinum ring setting that displays a natural emerald-cut purple sapphire. The octagonal stone weighs 2.78cts and presents with a mid-hue shade. Look closely to get a full appreciation for the Art Deco style elements. We date this ring’s manufacture to the 1920s. Artisans further heightened the sparkle with 12 round diamonds, two full-cut diamonds and 10 single-cut diamonds that weigh a combined total of .08cts. This is a truly unique piece with the kind of craftsmanship that you just don’t see anymore.

Spinel and Diamond Ring in a Platinum Setting

Created in the 1940s, this spinel displays a cushion cut. Weighing 1.20cts, the stone is not heat-treated and features the light purple color that makes it so desirable. Two triangle-cut diamonds weighing .33cts in total add to the sparkle of the piece. A truly spectacular jewel!
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