When You’re Thinking Marsala – Think Vintage Dark Red Gemstone Jewels for Your Wardrobe!

Pantone, the institute dedicated to making color communication possible among a wide variety of industries, has named Marsala the color of the year for 2015. This color is famed for its rich, dark wine-red hues that incorporate an earthy element. If you cannot get enough of this hue, Peter Suchy Jewelers have the right gemstones for you. We have scoured our inventory for jewels that display deep red stones with just those qualities. Are you ready to add a dark wine red to your wardrobe?

Red to Purple Star Ruby Ring with Diamonds

Made by the F+F Felger design house in the 1960s, this ruby presents with a deep purplish to wine red hue. This stone has not been enhanced but is actually a 2.50cts ruby displaying its genuine color. Five single diamonds, weighing a total of .08cts, are set into the 14k gold. There is yellow gold along the sides and white gold on the top. Look closely to get the full effect of the ruby’s star. This is the perfect accessory for a wardrobe that emphasizes gold, earth tones and red colors.

Burma Ruby and White Diamond Ring in a Gold Setting

An exceptional red Burma ruby is a sight to behold. Set in 18k yellow gold, this ruby has the deep color of blood. Cut into an oval, it weighs 1.51cts. The yellow of the gold setting emphasizes this appearance. There are 12 round ideal, brilliant-cut diamonds weighing a collective .62cts, which surround the ruby. If you only look at one ring today, make it this one. A definite conversation starter, this jewel suits any wardrobe.

Red Rhodolite Garnet Ring with Diamonds in a Platinum Setting 

Not all deep red gemstones have to be rubies. Take for example the red Rhodolite garnet. It weighs 3.75cts and presents with a gorgeous deep hue. Set in platinum, there are 34 round, full-cut diamonds that surround this gem. They weigh a collective .34cts and dazzle with their sparkle. This ring pairs wonderfully with a hunter green satin outfit or a brown pant suit.

Buckle-style Ring with Red Garnets and Creamy Half Pearls 

Buckle rings were a popular design back in the 1950s. Set in 14k yellow gold, there are 30 deep red garnets that weigh a combined total of .40cts. The buckle portion is made up of eight cultured half pearls that measure between 3mm and 4mm. This ring looks hip on the finger and perfectly suits the young-at-heart who still remember the fun of the 50s – or those who want to experience it for the first time.

Red Ruby and White Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold 


Artisans used 14k yellow gold to create the setting for this 1950s masterpiece. The texturing of the gold makes this ring highly unusual. Two striking red rubies weigh 2.0cts and provide the visual counterpoint to four round diamonds weighing a collective .40cts. If you love unique pieces, do not miss this ring!
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