The Definitive Woman’s Guide to Wearing Vintage Men’s Jewelry

Large rings, broad-link bracelets and pocket watches are typically considered to be men’s jewelry. But there is a movement afoot that inspires more and more women to look in the men’s section for jewelry. If you have been toying with the idea of adding some masculine pieces to your otherwise feminine jewelry wardrobe, we can help.

Accessorize an Oversized Piece

Are you carrying a men’s messenger bag or wear an oversized button-up shirt? If so, accessorizing it with a men’s watch, a ring worn on a necklace or a men’s bracelet can be the perfect way of completing your look.

Subtlety is King

Once again, less is more. When you wear a men’s watch or a pocket watch, do not add a broad-link men’s bracelet and men’s ring. Instead, choose one piece of jewelry that draws the eye. Since it is unusual to see this large jewel on a woman, it immediately attracts attention. If you wear multiple men’s pieces, the eye does not know where to look and your ensemble falls flat.

Re-sizing a Ring is Fine!

Wearing a men’s ring on a necklace is a common way of digging through a man’s jewelry collection and returning the piece to him when you are done. But if you want something that you can wear consistently – and not always on a necklace – consider having a men’s ring sized for your finger. It will still feature the larger size face and style elements, but it will now fit perfectly. By the way, this is a great opportunity to give the pinky ring fashion movement a try.  

Mind your Wardrobe

Crossing into the men’s collection of jewelry should be done judiciously. When you are searching for the perfect necklace to go with your wedding dress, for example, you do not want to make this move. It detracts from your display of femininity at that moment. The flowing pink dress with the pastel shawl and the gold slippers also does not make a suitable backdrop for men’s jewelry.

Get Comfy with the Look and Feel of the Pieces

Yes, men’s jewelry is bigger and heavier than what you might be used to. Rather than feeling self-consciously about the look and constantly twisting and adjusting a ring, practice wearing it at home. Get comfortable with the look and confident with the feel of the material. Once it no longer seems out of place, you are ready for the debut of your new style!
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