Peter Suchy’s Guide to Vintage Jewelry Gift-Giving

So you want to give her vintage jewelry as a gift. Good idea! But you also want to be clever about it and not just hand her a box. This, too, is admirable. In addition, you want it to be a complete surprise, so you are not taking her shopping. Even so, you want it to be the perfect present. Now we are talking about a tall order! All the same, Peter Suchy Jewelers have encountered this scenario numerous times. We have a devised a little Q&A that can shed light on how to really surprise her.

Q: How will I know what type of jewelry to buy?


A: Look at her. See what she chooses to accessorize her wardrobe. Does she seem to favor a particular kind of setting metal, a gemstone color or a designer? Does she love all things Art Deco but has little patience for Victorian style pieces? Conversely, does she favor formal or business attire and prefer jewelry that is suitable for daily wear? If you have not closely looked at her lately, hold off on buying a jewelry gift until you do.

Q: Should I buy my girlfriend a ring? 

A: Do not buy her a ring unless you intend to present it on bended knee. Rings are the types of presents that are reserved for wives or fiancées. Unless you have – or intend to – march her down the aisle to the altar, a ring sends the wrong message to a girlfriend. Bracelets, earrings or a nice pin are better options.

Q: How can I give her something that is unique?


A: How about purchasing a charm bracelet? These make wonderful presents and bespeak individual experiences as well as hobbies.

Q: What are some of the creative ways that I can present her with the jewel?


A: Some of our customers have head great success with attaching the jewel to a new scarf that becomes part of the gift presentation. For an anniversary celebration, plan a great night out at a nice restaurant. Talk to the eatery’s manager and arrange for a server to bring out the jewel in a beautiful box that is placed on a dessert plate. Just don’t try to put the jewel into her glass of champagne! This could lead to undesirable consequences of the gastrointestinal kind. If she has been admiring some pieces of our jewelry in the window, talk to us. We’ll gladly put a small sign in the window – bearing her first and last name – and a message to please see the manager. We can handle the rest.
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