Other Uses for Vintage Birthstone Jewelry!

Throughout history, gemstones have held special meanings. Some of them were said to bring luck, ensure good health and even cure diseases. Other gems were even thought to remove poisons from dishes and drinks. The birthstone was considered to enhance the positive character traits of the right owner. Since wearing these stones was the safest method of keeping them close to the body, artisans worked them into necklaces, rings and bracelets.
Fast forward to today, and there really are not that many people who still believe in the ancient lore of gemstones’ secret powers. Nevertheless, the idea of wearing a birthstone – or giving one for a birthday – has not gone out of style. On the contrary! But modern gift givers and jewelry aficionados are taking their love of birthstone gems to much higher levels. If you are still wondering what you can do with these types of necklaces, rings and bracelets, Peter Suchy Jewelers have four great ideas.

Birthday Gift


Obviously, birthstone jewelry makes an excellent gift for a birthday. Since some of the stones come in a variety of colors, they make it easy to choose just the right hue that will complement any pieces the celebrant already has.

Engagement Ring


If you are ready to propose marriage, why not choose an engagement ring with a stone that commemorates the month? Diamonds are no longer the only game in town for the husband-to-be who is shopping for the right ring. Another option is the selection of a ring with a stone that commemorates the month during which you first started dating one another. The possibilities here are endless.

Family Jewelry


Giving a gift to a spouse – or buying birthstone jewelry for yourself – can be a lot of fun with these gems. Purchase pieces that have birthstones for everyone in the family. Honor your parents by wearing birthstone jewelry that reminds of their birthdays.

Anniversary Gift


Surprise your wife with a birthstone jewel that celebrates the month of your marriage. Or perhaps you would like to choose the month of your engagement? Whatever special events there were in your lives, the birthstone idea is excellent for an anniversary gift.
While you could buy something brand-new out of the showcase of your local jeweler, consider that vintage jewelry in particular adds a certain flair to birthstone jewels. Many of these pieces feature old-fashioned jewelry-making techniques and luxurious gem cuts that are difficult to find today. When you are going to purchase these types of pieces, go for the gusto with the right vintage jewels!
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