How to Wear a Vintage Statement Necklace with Style

Some jewelry aficionados choose their vintage jewelry with certain clothes combinations in mind. Others pick out gorgeous pieces and then later go clothes-shopping to find an outfit that properly helps to display these jewelry finds. If you belong into the latter category, you are the ideal owner of a statement necklace

Understanding the Look of the Statement Necklace

These are not your grandmother’s modest pieces from her early years of jewelry-collecting. No! They are large, sometimes colorful, frequently featuring large gemstones and always the focal points of any jewelry ensemble.

The Ideal Showpiece: Five-Strand Pearl Necklace with a Three-Dimensional Lion’s Head

A total of 506 white Chinese pearls make up the five strands of the necklace. Each pearl measures between 5.5mm and 6mm. The lion’s headpiece collects the strands. Made from 14k yellow gold, its face is crusted with 32 rubies (2.20cts), 35 sapphires (1.15cts), 21 emeralds (.50cts) and 48 single-cut diamonds (.25cts). The lion holds a tassel in its mouth that features additional pearl strands. This is a perfect example of a stylish statement necklace.

Common Mistakes Made When Choosing These Necklaces

Some outfits do not lend themselves to wearing with statement necklaces. Examples include garments that have sparkling paillettes and other ornamentation sewn on. Another common mistake is a flawed accessory choice for the jewel. A statement necklace has to be the undisputed focal point of the ensemble. It cannot play second fiddle – or compete with – large earrings, cocktail rings and other oversized jewels.

How DO You Wear the Piece? 


Pair the necklace with small complementary jewels. For the aforementioned pearl necklace, it would be best to find small pearl earrings as accessories. Even basic stud earrings would work well although you would be wise to stick with the same types of gemstones as those already chosen by the necklace’s artisans.
Watch the neckline. A shorter necklace with bigger gemstones is ideal for the classic V-neck. For the longer necklace – such as the pearls – go with a straight neckline.
Opt for solid tops. Stripes, paisley designs and dots can make your neckline appear a little crowded. Rather, go for bold solid colors. In case of a doubt, off-white and black are always perfectly suited.
We hope that we have answered your questions with respect to the ideal look for your next statement necklace. Even if pearls are not your cup of tea, consider that we carry a full inventory of other jewels that perfectly exemplify this style.
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