Helping Your Older Teen Build Her Vintage Jewelry Collection

There is nothing quite as exciting as passing on a beloved hobby to your children. When you are talking about vintage jewelry with your older teen daughter, you recognize that gleam in her eye as the one that you frequently display when entering a jewelry store that specializes in these jewels. Now is the time to get her started on a great vintage collection of her own. More importantly, it is one that she can build on as she grows up and makes hers own vintage finds.

Start Small


Probably the one piece of jewelry that is the first building block to any lady’s collection is the stud earring. While the diamond stud is the versatile piece that goes with everything, the vintage jewelry collector is not limited with the selection of the gemstones. Choose rubies, sapphires, emeralds, clear quartz or anything else that tickles her fancy. While it is true that a clear white diamond easily goes with any wardrobe, the aquamarine or ruby stud does not need that much work to fit in with your teen’s clothes either.

Get Storage


Nothing harms vintage jewels quicker than improper storage. Invest in a sturdy jewelry box that features multiple – separated – compartments for different types of jewels. Invite your daughter to make her new stud earrings the first inhabitants of the box. Getting her into the habit of properly storing her jewels is a crucial part of becoming a collector. When she does well with the sturdier stones, she will do great when it comes to storing her pearls or corals.

Expand the Collection


With the first piece chosen and storage properly allocated, it is now time to help your teen to expand her collection. This is a great time for you and your daughter to scour the vintage jewelry shops in your neighborhood. Educate yourself on the various gemstones and also on the epochs. Perhaps your daughter will favor Art Deco jewelry over Victorian pieces. Introduce her to the various styles and see what her taste might be. When special occasions and holidays arise, it is a good time to give vintage jewels as gifts. Examples include bangle bracelets, a pendant necklace or a solitaire ring.

Avoid the Pitfalls


Do not store vintage pieces with costume jewelry. The vintage collection is special and should be treated as such. Discuss proper jewelry-cleaning techniques with your daughter. Warn her away from the large number of websites that give erroneous and downright damaging cleaning advice for the vintage jewels. If there is a doubt, call Peter Suchy Jewelers for expert advice on cleaning jewelry of all types.
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