Our Favorite Vintage Blue Zircon Jewelry!

The zircon is one of the jewelry business’s best-kept secrets. Although it comes in a variety of colors, zircon-blue is actually one of the most preferred hues. This popularity among buyers in the know has driven up the prices for the stones. But since the topaz is currently the blue gemstone of choice, only few jewelry buyers thus far have chosen to add this remarkable gem to their jewelry boxes. If you are among those who are missing this stone in their collections, Peter Suchy Jewelers have a remarkable inventory of blue zircon pieces.

Art Deco Blue Zircon Ring Featuring a White Gold Setting 


Set in 14k white gold, this blue zircon weighs 3.0cts. It is round and charms with its high polish. This gemstone is natural and untreated, which makes it a rare blue stone indeed. Measuring 9.8mm, the stone is big enough to attract attention but not so big as to be impractical for daily wear. We date this jewel to the late Art Deco period of the 1940s. By the way, this would be an excellent engagement ring.

1950s Yellow Gold Ring with a Zircon, Diamonds and Enameling 


Made in the 1950s, this 14k yellow gold ring imitates the look of an open flower. The .95cts blue zircon is the center of the flower. The petals contain six full-cut diamonds weighing a combined total of .29cts. The gold settings are beautifully worked. The outline of the flower is done with blue black enameling.

18k Gold Pendant with Zircon, Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz 


The elongated setting is made of 18k yellow gold. The blue zircon weighs .75cts and sits in the middle of the jewel. At the top, there is an oval peach-colored quartz weighing 1.6cts. At the bottom is an oval green tourmaline weighing 1.18cts. These colors harmonize delightfully. Simply attach a chain through the loop at the top.

Elongated Pendant with Citrine, Peridot and Zircon

Made from 14k yellow gold, this elongated pendant reminds a bit of the last model but actually is quite different in manufacturing detail and stone cuts. At the very top, a rectangular portion is set with three full-cut diamonds weighing a total of .03cts. An orange-colored citrine in a semi-bezel setting comes next. In the middle is a green peridot in an oval shape. Finally, the blue zircon is round-cut for a gorgeous appearance. The differences in shapes really make a huge difference in the look of this piece. This would be a great gift to an older teen who is starting her own vintage jewelry collection.
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