Getting Dad a Vintage Ring for Father’s Day? Here is What You Need to Know!

Less is more. Men quite frequently either wear a ring on the traditional ring finger or on the pinky. If your dad is not the jewelry kind of guy, which is what they said why Prince William has refused to wear a wedding ring, opt for the pinky ring. When dad likes a good piece of jewelry, choose one that perfectly captures his personality.
For example, some men are the “tall, dark and handsome” variety who will do well with an onyx as the center stone. Others exude an air of sophistication that calls for the use of highly unusual gemstones as the focal point. Remember also that – generally speaking – a pinky ring evokes thoughts of Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z or the guy from the Sopranos. It is the kind of look that communicates danger.
The signet ring, by all accounts, used to be de rigueur for the gentleman of means during the Regency period. It holds a special meaning and serves as a status symbol. After all, the man wearing a signet ring is unlikely to engage in manual labor. This ring is worn on the ring finger. It may be worn with cuff links, which is a no-no when donning a pinky ring. Peter Suchy Jewelers offer some suggestions for the perfect ring purchase this Father’s Day.

Art Deco White Gold Ring with Blue Star Sapphire 


This masculine ring is a rarity. Not only does it feature 20k white gold, but it also displays a round star sapphire weighing 5.0cts. The artistry of this ring persuades us that it dates back to the 1940s. This ring looks great on the hand.

Yellow and White Gold Ring with Diamonds


The base setting of this ring is 14k yellow gold. Its top plate, however, is made of white gold. There are 13 round diamonds weighing .26cts. Pay close attention to the sides: They feature a textured design. The top presents a polished contrast. This ring is suitable for wear in the board room or on the golf course.

White and Yellow Band with Diamond 


This is the perfect gift for a younger man. The top metal is 14k white gold while the sides are fashioned from 14k yellow gold. One the top, a princess-cut diamond weighing .15cts is set. The polish of the material is elegant and gives the piece a suave look.

1960s Onyx in Yellow Gold Ring with Diamond


This onyx ring is a classic example of masculine gemstone jewelry. Made in the 1960s, it features the time-honored oval design with the brush finish down the sides of the 14k yellow gold. The center of the onyx holds a round diamond weighing .07cts. It is set in a white gold plate, which accentuates the shine of the diamond. This is the ideal men’s ring.
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