The History of March Birthstones: The Bloodstone

Some gemstones have interesting histories. One such stones is the birthstone for March. The bloodstone is chalcedony quartz, often called heliotrope for its appearance once polished—it shines and has wonderful reflection capabilities like the sun. 
At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we too are intrigued by vintage bloodstone jewelry, especially because of its religious and medieval beliefs.

Amazing History and Beliefs

Although many bloodstones are green, some are bright red with spots of iron oxide. As we said earlier, this was announced as the March birthstone in medieval times. Christian artisans of the time would use these stones to carve religious images making it also dubbed the martyr’s stone.
Some believe the bloodstone came to be formed by Jesus’s drops of blood that fell to the earth when he was crucified. Others believe when crushed, it is a powerful medicine and aphrodisiac.
No matter the belief of its origins, the bloodstone is mined in Australia, India and the United States, however, rare vintage pieces are hard to find.
One bloodstone in our collection is this stunning Victorian Bloodstone 14k pink gold locket necklace—the pendant alone is 1.34 inches in length. 

Bloodstone Powers


Like many other ancient gems and minerals, the bloodstone is believed to have mystic powers. Some of these include:

  • Guard against bullying
  • Guaranteed health for nursing or pregnant women
  • A symbol of power and wealth
  • It’s has been called the “home caregiver’s” gem to aid those in helping the sick
  • Many fortune tellers have used it to delve into a person’s past
  • Offers power and strength to those who wear it.

Vintage Bloodstones


Bloodstones found in vintage jewelry are often found in pendants and necklaces—jewelry easily worn and kept close to the heart.  Similar stones include red jasper, carnelianand amazonite. In fact, the bloodstone remained the March birthstone until 1912 when the American National Association of Jewelers named the Aquamarine gem the stone of the month.
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