Our Favorite Vintage Flower Pendants Just in Time for Spring!

Flowers and spring go hand in hand. As the seasons change, we frequently see customers buying new flower-themed vintage jewelry to augment the pieces they have previously collected. When you are in search for just the right flower pendant, Peter Suchy Jewelers can help.

Flower Pendant Featuring Pink Gold and Red Coral 


Artisans chose 14k solid rose gold to fashion the setting for this pendant. Due to the intricate workmanship, we date this piece to about 1935. The jewelry maker carved a rose motif into red coral that features minute white mottling, which makes the outstanding high relief carving come alive. We include a 16-inch chain. The pendant has a 23mm diameter.

Jadeite Jade and Ruby Pendant with Floral Motif


The 18k solid yellow gold beautifully offsets the shiny green coloration of the jadeite jade. Gold accents underscore the floral motif of this piece. Nine rubies weigh in at .90cts and create points of visual interest along stylized leaves and petals. We believe that this pendant dates back to the 1960s.

Victorian Flower Pendant Featuring Enamel and Pearls 


This piece was made in the 1880s. Victorian jewelry makers started with 14k yellow gold. They created a 3-D image of a gorgeous flower. It has a diameter of 27.15mm. Light purple and delicate pink colors come from careful enameling. At the center is a natural white full pearl with a silvery sheen. An additional 30 half pearls serve as embellishments on the petals.

Carved Jadeite Jade Pendant 


The focal point of this jewel is the intricately carved gemstone. A 14k yellow gold clasp ensures that you fit it easily onto a chain. The color of the gemstone is bright green. Look closely to see the carefully executed floral motif. The pendant measures 42.9mm by 19.2mm.

Retro Flower Pendant Featuring Pink and Green Gold, Opal 


This pendant dates back to the 1940s. It features retro pink colors and comes with a translucent opal that displays blue and green flashes. Artisans painstakingly carved the gold to mimic the look and overall appearance of a flower and its leafs. From top to bottom, this pendant measures 1.04 inches.

Vintage Pendant with Gemstone Inlays


Made in the 1800s, this pendant is a wonderful example of the Pietra Dura style of jewelry making. The setting material is 14k green gold. The main gemstone is onyx, which the jewelry makers surrounded with natural pearls as a border. There are about 144 seed pearls. Coral pieces as part of the inlay to create the floral motif.
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