Some of Our Favorite Art Deco Jewelry Pieces

Perhaps one of the most famous visual arts design styles to hit American shores after World War I, Art Deco underscored the country’s bustling glamour, quest for magnificence, and overall high spirits that found expression not only in wearable art but also in entertainment and fashions.
The Art Deco motif called for the use of platinum, gemstones and simplified styles. Settings and basic shapes capitalized on rich colors and geometric forms. Ornamentation ran the gamut from minimalist to lavish. Inlays, the use of diamonds and gold tones were favorites in the American market.
At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we offer a wide variety of Art Deco pieces that suit any taste and budget—below are some of our favorites!

Three-Carat Light-Blue White Gold Ring


The purity of the metal ranks at 14k for this three-carat white gold ring. The stone is a stunning blue aquamarine. This late Art Deco piece – it dates to about 1940 – relies on an emerald cut for maximum shine. The adherence to geometric concepts makes this a quintessential Art Deco ring for the discerning collector.

McTigue Eight-Bow Necklace


Fourteen-carat rose gold is the medium of choice for this breathtaking necklace. This 23-inch necklace dates back to the 1940s. Although the primary length is 18 inches, there are two extenders that add two and three inches respectively. McTigue, the discerning jewelry buyer knows, it famous for association with Tiffany, Yard as well as Bailey Banks and Biddle.

Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet From Tiffany & Co. 


For the buyer in search of a dramatic piece of 1930’s Art Deco, this bracelet is perfect. It delights in the use of European cut diamonds and Edwardian workmanship. Clearly handmade, this piece features highly detailed beadwork between the gems. Engraved on three sides, the 108 round diamonds are interspersed among French-cut manmade sapphires.

Citrine Bow Pin 


Dated to 1935, this pin features an orange-yellow citrine with a total weight of 5.60 carats. Crafted with pink and green gold, the workmanship of the bow is eye-catching. This is the type of understated elegance that appeals to the confident jewelry buyer.

Platinum Dangle Earrings


Featuring platinum and diamonds, these Art Deco dangle earrings date back to the 1920s. Fourteen karat yellow gold enhances the look of the pieces. These earrings highlight the style’s penchant for geometric shapes and designs.
If we have whetted your appetite for more Art Deco jewelry, do not take our word for their beauty. Check out the other pieces that are for sale through Peter Suchy Jewelers in our top-rated PowerSeller eBay Store.
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