What Is the Largest Ruby Ever Found in the World?

If you love rubies as much as we do, you’ve probably wondered “what is the largest ruby found in the entire world?” We did a little a little digging and found a natural ruby that is 150 kilograms or just a little over 300 pounds!
Man Claims Biggest Ruby!
A Report in 2012 from Al Arabiya.netsays, “The uncut 150 kilogram ruby, believed to be one of the largest in the world, was bought by 81-year-old Muhammad Jethra” over 20 years ago. Where did this huge ruby come from? According to Al Arabiya.net, this gem came from miners in Tanzania.
Jethra is a retired businessman from Emirati and although he has had this uncut ruby for over 20 years, he’s ready to sell! As of this writing there are no takers but one can only imagine the cost. Gemologists haven’t put a price on this 300-pound ruby.
After its discovery and recovery by Jethra he moved to Canada and then 18 years later, had the rock shipped to Dubai. Why Dubai—the no tax laws seemed attractive to Jethra and his daughter remains in charge of this gemstone—at least until someone makes an offer.
Jethra thinks this largest-in-the-world-ruby would be “hard to cut” but could make “a very beautiful shape which could be put on a stand to decorate a house or office.” Jethra also told reporters at his age he’s ready to part with the gem and is confident buyers will come forward due to its uniqueness.
Another tidbit offered by Al Arabiya.net is a story of a ruby in possession of an England firm and valued it at $17.36 million. Later in 2010, however, after the gemstone was reevaluated, it was discovered the valuation was “forged.” The gemstone was subsequently sold for a fraction of its original value for a little over $12,600!
Rubies Galore!
A while back, we offered a blog post on the Origins of the Ruby which is not only a great read; you’ll also learn where rubies are mined. A must-read for everyone who loves rubies.
Peter Suchy, the owner of Peter Suchy Jewelers is also a certified GIA graduate and an expert gem appraiser and while we don’t like to brag—he knows his rubies! Rubies are the birthstone for those born in July and rubies found in Burmese are most desired for their clarity and color.
Some of Peter’s favorite rubies include (just click on the pictures to go right to the eBay listing!):
These stunning Edwardian hand-made platinum drop earrings from the 1920s. Each with pave set diamonds and a bright red genuine star ruby—certainly collectors quality! Rubies are a total of 1.50 carats and the diamonds are at 1.00 carats.
From designer Cartier, this 18k yellow gold French 2.70 carat natural pinkish red ruby ring. Everything from Cartier is absolutely stunning but this ring was not only made in France, the Cartier stamp appears on the ring.
And, finally a very special 21.91 carat natural star ruby/diamond Art Deco platinum necklace that is so stunning, we’d hate to part with it—but we will! Perhaps this is one of our favorites because it is in excellent condition and needs no repairs and is void of defects and above all, we wonder whose neck this pendant graced at parties!
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