Kate Middleton: Favorite Jewelry of The Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton – or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as she became known after her marriage to Prince William of Great Britain – has been in the public eye for a quite a while. While her engagement and subsequent marriage to the prince made her a household name, her fashion-consciousness had already placed her on “best dressed” listings as early as 2006. Style, Richard Blackwell and Vanity Fair all sang her praises.
Once the engagement with the prince was official, her jewelry and clothing styles became matters of intense scrutiny by fashionistas around the world. Some of her most famous jewels have become so popular that they are being copied and sold to the mass market.
Engagement ring from Garrard of Mayfair. It is the ring that Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana Spencer for her engagement. Back in 1981, when the couple was smiling and happy, the blue 12-carat Ceylon sapphire oval and halo consisting of 14 diamonds made the newspapers. Jewelers worked hard to quickly mass produce inexpensive imitations. When Prince William put his late mother’s engagement ring on Kate’s finger, the frenzy started anew.
Drop earrings from Kiki McDonough. Kate has a penchant for Kiki McDonough’s pieces. Known for the inventive use of gemstones in jewelry, the duchess has been spotted wearing a pair of drop earrings featuring a citrine set in 18-carat gold. Jewelry insiders note that this design stems from the Eternal Collection.
Necklace by Cartier.Known as the Trinity necklace, the 18-carat gold chain features a mix of white, yellow and rose gold. Three circles make up the trinity. The design includes pave diamonds that lend an otherworldly sparkle to this piece. It is interesting to note that Kate does not usually favor larger circles in her jewelry. To make an exception must mean that she was thoroughly impressed with the look and craftsmanship of the piece.
Tiara by Cartier.For her wedding, Queen Elizabeth lent Kate the halo tiara made by Cartier that had once belonged to the Queen Mother. When Elizabeth turned 18, her mother presented her with the piece. For the wedding, Kate was allowed to wear this family heirloom that featured a veil of silk tulle with hand-embroidered floral designs.
Bracelet by Tiffany.Tiffany & Co. is famous for its bracelet-by-the-yard. Although the duchess is not usually seen wearing thin bracelets – she has been spotted wearing a more sizable piece that is said to have been a wedding gift from her father-in-law – Tiffany managed to have her make an exception. She has been spotted wearing this piece frequently and seems to enjoy the platinum links that hold small round diamonds.
As she continues with her royal duties, the Duchess of Cambridge will undoubtedly bring new jewelry fashions to forefront.
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